Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joystiq Interview with NOA's Denise Kaigler

Ever since Nintendo of America moved out of Seattle, there's been several new faces to get to know. One of these is Denise Kaigler, NOA's VP of Corporate Affairs. During GDC, Joystiq sat down with Denise for an enlightening interview.

Some of the interesting points she discusses is that although core gamers are upset that there may not be enough core games coming out of Nintendo, that it's actually the core that helps causual games such as Wii Fit become a success:

"Would you call Wii Fit a core game? Wii Fit would never have reached the type of mass penetration had the core not been part of that audience. Never would have. But, when we first announced that game at E3, the core from what I understand was kind of not really sure, but the core is buying that game."

Then Denise asks the interviewer if he owns Wii Fit and he admits he does.

There's also talk about how the DSi will be marketed alongside the DS Lite, Nintendo bringing back classic franchises, and overall it's just a good look into how Nintendo views its core audience. Check it out!


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