Friday, April 10, 2009

Killzone 2 DLC: might as well jump.

Is it just me, or was gametrailers TV actually good last night? On the show that brought us some gameplay videos of Bioshock 2, comes the big reveal of the first Killzone 2 DLC maps. Titled Steel and Titanium, the two maps are as different from the current multiplayer maps as you can get. Set inside the ISA's home spaceship, The New Sun map looks like a snipers paradise. Bad news for me as I seem to get shot from millions of miles away when I play the game now. But, that's what I get for going back and playing Warhawk and Call of Duty 4 again this week. Multi-level maps are cool just to get the drop on people by jumping down and wasting enemies in mid air. Possibly alot of forcing people off the deck while they run from hordes shooting at them as well. Hooray for cheap kills!

The Wasteland Bullet map is the one that I'm going to either hate or love. It takes place on two trains speeding down the rails. Shooting is going to be fun, provided that no gravity physics pull bullets from intended targets. The real love/hate thing will be the jumping from train to train. I can tell you now, I WILL die numerous times by getting smashed like a bug trying to outrun someone plugging me in the back with bullets.

Both look like very cool updates to a great game and will be out at the end of the month. No price was given, but I figure it won't be so hard on your wallet. Sony has been doing a really great job with marketing Killzone 2. Sure, there aren't any branded Mt. Dew bottles or trailers before Star Trek, but the word is out and people are buying. Let's hope they keep up the streak.


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