Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ludacris is everywhere you want to be (if everywhere is FF13)

Final Fantasy games always have three things: huge, magic swords, teen aged boys that have crazy hair and are very, very effeminate and a character named Cid. Well, maybe we can add a new one to the list with the announcement of the newest FF13 family member, Sazh Kalzroy. That's right. FF has it's first black character in years. And he looks alot like rapper/actor/ho aficionado Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. Sure, it's the "classic" Luda look: out of control afro and all, but Luda none the less.

Cool. I can hear the song "area codes" playing in the background of boss battles. Who's next? Soulja Boy flying an airship? I'll bet he'd throw some D's on tha.......ok, i'm done.

FF13 is out......this year? Maybe. Props to for being the first place I saw the story.


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