Friday, August 22, 2008

first post

so, i've been talking about starting a gaming blog for a long time. longer then i'd like to talk about. the fact that no one i work with or live with cares as much as i do about systems, console sku, graphics and whatnot. i've posted on other gaming sites and blogs, but ultimately, it turns into "my virtual dick is bigger then yours" "my system has the best games." "my system sold more then yours." "360 red rings...." "PS3 IS DOOOOOOOMD!!111!!!!!1" you know how it goes. it's old. i've found that most of these sites have editors and contributors that definitely lean toward one system or company. it's very disconcerting at times to read "news" stories on some gaming blogs taking not so subtle shots at developers and consoles. i won't name names, but i'm sure you know what i mean.

so, i'm taking initiative and starting up the Driver I.D. to talk about games. it's the American dream.

now, to clarify. i'll only be talking about the systems that i have. why would i be running my mouth about games i can't play? that's not to say that if something comes up that sounds interesting, that i won't comment on it. i like to talk about things i know for sure and that effect me as a gamer. i'll leave comments open, but i'd like this to be pretty civil. after all, it is just video games.

i'll update when i can. i'm currently in school, working to become a licenced massage therapist. i also have a job that i'm at more often then i'd like to be. but, i'll try not to leave this dormant. from time to time, i'd like to get outside contributions for the blog. i'm trying to get a podcast together as well. i'll be setting up an email for people to send questions, topics and comments for the show.

if anyone reads this, glad to have you reading. we'll try to make it a good time.

J.Whittaker (gaming profile coming soon)

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