Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Deck/On Deck

in this segment, we talk about the games we're playing and the games we're waiting to play.


Call of Duty 4

ok, i'm late to the party. the best game of last year and i'm just getting it. i always meant to get it at some point, but after buying multiple games in the winter months in 2007, i was tapped out. but, i rectified the problem as of last month.

needless to say, COD4 is a game that people are pretty fanatical. alot of level 55s. as i found out quickly, this means that the first few matches i was getting my face shot off. while i'm getting better by baby steps, (i'm currently at level 22) it's still difficult to get into some matches without feeling like people spend way too much time playing this game. i'm still having a good time playing COD4 and it's taking up alot of my gaming time as of late. i'd like to join a clan so i have people i know watching my back in team matches. playing with unknown people is cool, but most are out for themselves and don't look out for their teammates. i always try to play as a good teammate; ghosting people, watching their six, throwing stun grenades in the area of people that my teammates are shooting. being a good guy and all.

really fun. i'm glad i finally got this one.


i know. i know. pain? yeah. it's a low brow, corny tech demo at best game. but damnit, it's fun. call me a non-gamer if you will, but it's to the core of human beings. falling down is funny. getting kicked in the groin is really funny and so forth. flinging your character into the side of a car is fun. glass breaking and exploding boxes make for a good game. sorry if you're too high brow with your Braids and your MGS4s to really appreciate a game where you hurl a guy into a huge bowling ball, causing it to fall into oncoming traffic and causing the biggest accident this side on I-75. i'm looking forward to the new amusement park level next week. and trophies.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

i loved and hated BC back in the day. one of the hardest games i'd played. so, to my great joy, capcom decided to re-release one of the hardest games on earth. of coarse, i bought it on day two. it is as hard as i remember, and the new challenge rooms are insanely difficult. i got though all of three rooms before i moved back over to the main game. i would suggest that everyone that loves a very old school challenge, pick this game up. i'm three levels away from the end and shit just got real. i'll be attempting to not throw my silver dualshock down the stairs.


Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star

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