Thursday, August 28, 2008

Warhawk trophies are go

So, I’ve got a little secret. I kind of like trophies. I’m not a trophy whore by any means, but it’s interesting to think about how some of these are going to work and make you play differently. With Super Stardust HD, I tried to get the bomber trophy and it was harder then I thought, but I pulled it off eventually. So, going into the new 1.5 patch for one of my favorite online games, Warhawk, I was interested in how this was going to work. Sometimes, different tactics don’t always work on the battlefield and in some battle situations. But, I’m happy to report that Warhawk doesn’t break the game with the addition of trophies. In fact, I seemed to get them without even really thinking about them.

Case in point: I was playing a game of Collection. What is at it’s base a multi-flag CTF, the goal is to recover four ‘cores’ and return them to your base. I was running, and in some cases driving a 4x4 to the closest core. On the way, were proximity mines. My personal favorite weapon since you can use them in so many ways, offense or defense. So, grabbed some prox mines and made a run for the core. Once I got there and picked it up, I was accosted by a player in a warhawk. Most of the time, a ground troop fighting a plane isn’t going to end well. But, I don’t let this stop me most of the time. Going down swinging is the best way to play online games when your on the brink of death anyway. So, I open up a can of haul-ass back to the fort with someone in a plane shooting at me. I fight back as best as I could. Shooting machine guns, hand guns, flamethrowers, the works. I randomly throw out a prox mine and, by some amount of luck, it sticks to the left wing, three seconds later, the plane explodes and I run, relatively unscathed, back to score.

As I run back, I notice the trophy icon pop up for killing a Warhawk with a ground weapon that’s not the rocket launcher. And there in is the reason the trophy system works for Warhawk. The challenges aren’t completely taking you out of what you might do, or try in desperate situations, in the regular game. The list of trophies in the games are posted here for those interested:

It’s no real secret that I love Warhawk. It’s a very good game that has a lot of different modes and a lot of different ways to play in those modes. It’s got a lot of players, so you won’t have a hard time finding a game. It’s a game I tell everyone with a PS3 to get. And with all the updates coming for it along with booster packs, it’s a game with legs. And trophies add to the experience without disconnecting you from the action.

And listening to N.W.A. .while you’re busting a cap in someone’s ass is cool, too. More on the booster pack later on when it’s released later today. Check out the trailer here:

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