Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Deck/On Deck - Max Edition


Blue Dragon

It’s certainly not a new game but it’s the one I’m currently playing the most of. Honestly, I tried Blue Dragon’s downloadable demo a couple times, but couldn’t get into it at all really. After hearing great reviews from pals, I’ve now borrowed it from a friend and am completely hooked in, with it helping fill the void of a console RPG to play this summer at the last minute. Although this game features probably the most generic main characters that Akira Toriyama has ever designed, it still is quite engaging. It’s totally past-gen RPG with current-gen aesthetics. It’s also making me want to check out some of Mistwalker’s other offerings.

Bionic Commando Rearmed

I loved the original so BC Rearmed is a dream come true. If you haven’t bought this game yet and have a platform it’s on, shame on you. This is the best remake and downloadable title I’ve experienced this generation, mainly because the game takes everything that made the original so great and adds so much Awesome Sauce to the mix. The fact that it’s been highly successful in its first week is great news, as it’s sending a message to developers that excellent downloadable titles made as a labor of love for creators and fans will sell well. It also sets the stage for the upcoming 3D console version of BC to deliver. Beating Rearmed co-op on easy was a beast, but worth the exploding Hitler brains. Next up: a run on medium solo.

Capcom Classics Collection 2

Capcom’s Magic Sword is probably one of my favorite all time arcade games (next to Pac-Man) and now, thanks to a loan from my sister-in-law, I can play it whenever I want on PS2. Great co-op, cool assist characters you save from dungeons and can level up and the lack of needing $20 in quarters to get to the end keeps me coming back. I’ve also beat King of Dragons and Eco Fighters (of all things) recently in co-op sessions, and taken a few swipes at Strider and Black Tiger too. Good times.

Final Fantasy III

I gave FFIII to my wife a couple Christmases ago, but we’ve both only picked it up a few weeks ago when we went to visit her family in Canada—and I’ve been playing more of it than her of late. RPG fans with DSes don’t need to hear me rave about this game, they know what’s up. I love everything about this game, except I’m not crazy about the jobs system and have left most of my party in the same jobs throughout. Now more jobs are opening up and I don’t want to miss the opportunity for diversity, but the limitations imposed when you switch jobs makes it a little imposing. I’m kinda torn in whether to stay in current jobs or experiment a bit, which has seen me put down the game for a couple days. I plan to resolve the dilemma ASAP.

Grand Theft Auto IV

I’m probably one of the few people who hasn’t beat this game yet, and while I still am chipping away at the campaign from time to time, what I’m really playing right now is online sessions with my brother and a college buddy. Getting the three of us together for mayhem in Liberty City with a soundtrack of our private jokes and cackling can’t be beat.



I ordered this awhile back and it’s still waiting for me at the shop. I’m excited to play it and will be picking it up very soon. I’m a little wary about the Wii paint strokes though…

Final Fantasy IV

Also on order, but on hold until I finish FFIII.

Soul Caliber IV

Holy crap, this is the game I just can’t WAIT to own. The gameplay is nice for veterans, but beginners do well too. Just ask my wife, who kicked my ass non-stop long after the initial rounds where I went easy on her. Lots of cool new characters and the customizable character creation mode is fantastic; one of my buddies whipped up Nightwing and Harley Quinn of Batman lore. I’m not too keen on the Star Wars characters however, so I could care less if I’ll be playing Yoda instead of Darth.


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