Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hola from Max

I’m J’s pal Max, also a gamer fanatic, but I don’t think even I am as hardcore as J is these days. I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy most my life and in earlier years worked at several Nintendo-centric fan sites until health issues required me to stop. Since then, I’ve diversified myself a bit more, as it’s hard to have a diet of Nintendo alone in today’s gaming climate (hell, it’s been that way for awhile). I currently have/play a 360, Wii, DS and PS2 (which is my brother’s, but he’s in no hurry to have it back). I’m also lucky enough to be married to a gamer, who kicks my ass in F-Zero, Puzzle Fighter and any other games I try to play against her.

J invited me to help out on the blog and the upcoming podcast. I’m more than happy to chip in, because it’s rare to find people in person who are ultra passionate about games like he is. Personally, I’ve been an addict since Pac-Man gobbled up countless quarters and my eternal soul in my early childhood, but I fucking love it. These days, I try to buy all my games at Super-Fly Comics and Games ( instead of dealing with the pre-order & used game hard sell at Gamestop (and as far as I know, so does J). If everything goes well, we may be doing our podcast from Super-Fly too.

Like J, I’m pretty busy with work & school & married life, but I’m all about making an effort for this blog. Hopefully, we can provide something a little different at the Driver I.D. If we don’t, feel free to call us jerks, poseurs and creeps but at least know we’re trying to be cool.

Max Lake

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