Monday, September 1, 2008

Attack of the Stein

Alrighty then. My name is Dustin Wood (people call me Stein, long story) and i'm about to take a stab at this whole gaming blog thing. Now, just to let everyone know foremost, grammar, spelling, punctuation and all that writing structure stuff aren't really my forte. I really like to overuse (parenthesis) in my sentences too. So if anyone has anything to say about that i'll just tell ya the same thing I tell my cat Cortana, "Go f**k a pig, fatty!" It's all about the games here, English be damned!

Well, now that that's outta the way, time for my gaming resume. Basically, I've owned just about everything but the Playstation 3 (PS2s kept crapping out on me and I dropped Sony like your mom drops her panties), PSP, and anything before the Intellevision I, II and III. Yes, I have owned just about everything inbetween the Intellevision series and what we have today (even the 3DO with the wonderful Penn and Teller Bus Trip game) so I'll try and pull some oldies out of the ol' gaming bin and write some retro stuff from time to time.

I must say that out of the current line-up of consoles the 360 is my current favorite (despite my one red ring of death experience, but its like a passing rite these days. You gotta have at leadt one). Things like Xbox Live (suck it up and pony up the clams people, it costs less than a game for a years subscription, and you can get a free month to test drive it if you're scared of shelling out the cash), Halo and Achievement Points make the system a winner in my book. The Wii is my second place system. Lots of quality stuff there and the lightgun genre will keep it up there as long as they keep churning them out (except for you Wild West Guns). I have yet to really get an extended hands on take of the PS3, just what I have played at J's place. I have no beef with it and will not bash it like a hooker in GTA. I wouldn't mind owning one, but the cash is not in my cards right now unless I could find a way to buy it with my Fable Pub Games money (in which case I still couldn't afford it with my gambling debts).

So J and Max are two very good friends of mine that stretch all the way back to the days where Perfect Dark and House of the Dead were staples amongst the crowds. Both have fought off legions of the undead with me, chucked turtle shells at my face and spent countless hours running around in circles shooting at one another. It's just something we do with our Brothers In Arms. Many, many good times we've had in front of the cathode ray including some that will never be forgotten, as hard as we try to (I'll third place your face!). Hopefully we can all make this e-world a better place now by spreading our loudmouthed takes on what the gaming world has to throw our way.

So that seems to be it for my first run of blogg-a-reaha. Tune into my next post for my take on the wild world of achievements...

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