Thursday, September 4, 2008

Word on the segment

Lumines Supernova coming to PSN

that's the word going the internets today. no word on when it's coming out here, but the word is that it's coming to Japan's PSN as soon as next week! if we here in the lower 48 get this and get online play, all i'll say is about fucking time! (props to IGN for the image)

TF2 PS3 Version Might Be Developed By Valve

The Orange Box on PS3 was good. really good. it just wasn't great. the online worked, just not as well as on other systems. Team Fortress 2 was one of these situations. it "worked" in the way that your lazy coworkers work: very inefficiently. it was fun, but the waiting to connect to a game got very boring. After Valve's boss saying that the PS3 was a difficult piece of machinery, and the growing view of EA fucking the game up seems to be leading Valve to maybe....i don't know.....make their own games for the PS3 rather than dump it on the company that just now got Madden right. Left 4 Dead on PS3? maybe. well...maybe not.


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