Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IN DECK/ON DECK 9/17 (offline to online)

sorry about not posting lately. Hurricane Ike whopped my town's ass. i went to school on sunday and some of the windows blew off the building, so we got the fuck out of there. i came home and didn't have power. and didn't until yesterday. luckily, nothing got damaged other then shit we didn't like about the front of the house anyway, so that's always cool. most people in town got it pretty bad, so whatever you do when stuff like this happens, (pray or whatnot) do it.

i did get to play some games while the lights where off. not much else to do.

Super Mario Bros. 3/Nintendo DS

yeah, old school. dusted off my DS, that i haven't played in months and got into some SMB3 action. stopped in 4.7. the everything's big level is awesome and i really love playing it. playing this made me want to get super mario world for GBA on the cheap. lord knows i'd like to do something with my DS until i get my copy of the best DS program ever.

Silent Hill Origins/PSP

i've been sleeping on this since i got it. played some of it in the dark, like you should all survival horror games. scary stuff. i like the Silent Hill games. not being able to blow away everyone ala Resisdent Evil is a different way to do these kinds of games. it's kind of "play in spurts" type game for me. it's hard to keep up with for a long period of time. after playing SL:O, i might get Homecoming. i've got alot of games to play this fall, so we'll see.

Burnout Dominator/PSP

with the next free Paradise update coming tomorrow, i broke out some Dominator. it basically Revenge without the car checking. runs really well on PSP. and fast, which is my problem playing Burnout in the past. getting lost in the motion blur and then, you're dead on a blind drift. crash mode would be cool, as it would in Paradise. but i'm fairly sure we'll see crash mode return as DLC. i'd buy that for a dollar.....

the moral of the story is that anything named Ike will kick your ass......


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