Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Broken Xboxery

I'm sorry to keep complaining about Xbox 360 breakdown woes, but it just doesn't seem to end. It may not be my Xbox 360 that’s still broken, it may be the cables after all. Before calling the Xbox support line again, I had a friend bring over his console and we tried plugging it up to my cables with similar results: audio, no video. Then we tried hooking both my Xbox, then his, to a different TV with the same cables; same thing. So somehow in the past three days, without being used, my cables broke...I guess.

Calling the support line, it turns out while I’m still under warranty for everything until mid-2009, the warranty extension into 2012 I received for my initial breakdown is only good for the “red rings of death.” Also, since this A/V cord problem isn’t the “red rings of death,” I had to pay to ship the cord out—which I did, at about half the cost of new cables. It will be another twelve business days before I can expect new cords in the mail. I just hope everything will work at that point.



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