Thursday, September 11, 2008

New segment: DEMO-LITION

Demos are very important. It’s a slice of a product that you, as someone with $60, could possibly buy. Demos have to do a lot to wow you into buying the full game. So, with that, I start another new feature: Demo-iltion!

Lego Indiana Jones (PS3)

I’ve liked the Lego games so far. The Lego Star Wars games are sitting in a box with the rest of my PS2 games and they have been a good time. The kid liked them and I dug the in-jokes and gameplay that, while really simple, was still very engaging. But, Lego Indy……I don’t know. Something about the game doesn’t click with me. It’s not really THAT different from the other games, but it’s different. The demo leads you around the opening of the first Indy movie, which is fairly accurate to the movie. Running away from the big bolder is the main thrust of the demo for me. It was cool to run through that in a very Crash Bandicoot style segment. But overall, it’s the same game. Save for some Star Wars in jokes. I think that the Lego games could play itself out with this and Lego Batman coming soon. And what about Lego Harry Potter? Nobody start with Lego Halo

Verdict: I’d get it used. Unless they do make Lego Halo, then all bets are off.

Pure (PS3)

For whatever reason, I suck at off-road racers. I’m just bad at them. I don’t know why. I like racing games. I like off-road games. I’m just not good at them. The ATV vs. MX games completely flattened me out every time I tried to play them. So, I downloaded it just to see how bad I suck at the 4 wheel.

Turns out that while I’m still not very good at doing tricks, I’ve gotten better at these games. This game was made by Disney’s Black Rock Studios. The same people that made Grid, a game that I also sucked at, but was a very good game. The tutorial level is well done. It’s not hard to finish and get through. I finished it in about 10 min. Then, I was off to the races. Playing against 15 other drivers is a nice touch. Having multiple routes on the tracks is also a good thing. It looks really good as well. Nothing mind blowing, but still a very easy to get around menu system. Overall, the demo is very good and well put together. It works as something that you could play over a few times.

Verdict: I’m still not getting it because I suck at it. But it seems on track to make Motorstorm really have to step it up on the Playstation side.


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Franklin said...

I totally forgot about getting the demo for Lego Indy. I played Pure and was surprisingly pleased with it, but I probably won't be getting it anyway... there are too many games on the horizon that I want to get.

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Franklin Keane