Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Deck: Coffee Table Edition

Well, while I wasn't without power anywhere near as long as some of the other people around these parts, I spent a majority of it (till just earlier today) without the interwebs. Tragic as that may not seem to some people, it still really sucks when you realize just how much you depend on it in daily life. No news or weather updates, no online gaming, no doing online homework for online classes you have, etc, etc... Well I have it back now and its seems that all is good other than the massive backlog of info & education I have to catch up on.

So all of you gamers out there that suffered from no electricity and lack of the info super highway, what did you do to cope with it all? I'll tell you what we did, we coped with good old fashioned board games. So here's a special candlelight In Deck/ On Table edition.


For those of you out there that have no clue what this game is, it is the ultimate game of BULLSHIT. A group of players get together and try yo race across a pretty straight forward board and make it to the finish. "Well how do you get from one side to the other?" you may be asking. Each person takes turns being the "dasher" who is the player that reads something from one of the categories (Weird Words, Peculiar People, Incredible Initials, Marvelous Movies, and Laughable Laws) and the other players have to come up with either what the answer is or something clever that other players might guess as the answer. The dasher then collects everyones answers and reads them aloud. Players must then guess which one is the real answer, and believe me, the real answers are usually pretty ridiculous.
In the groups that we played with over the last week, dick and fart jokes were pretty common amongst the answers. This wasn't just because we're some sick minded people, but because the categories were churning out some already ridiculous questions for us all. All in all, its a hilarious game to play with a group of friends when no electronic enjoyment can be had.

This game ends up getting just a ridiculous with its answers as Balderdash can be. It's a pretty simple game that will challenge your wit and writing dexterity at the same time. You basically have a list of clues on a card and a sheet of paper, someone rolls a 20 sided die with letters on it, then everyone races to fill their paper with as many words that start with the afore-rolled die's letter that match the clues on the card as they possibly can. It's pretty amazing to see whats in people's minds when they're under pressure. Dick and fart jokes yet again slipped out as answers for some of the most innocent of clues. Definitely not to be played with your friends that don't have the greatest vocabularies. As a bonus, the game boards that you answer on can be used as a cheat shield when playing Balderdash.

Well, gotta get back to the land of online education now. Just remember, when the power is gone, you can still have fun with friends that are stuck in the same boat.


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