Monday, September 29, 2008

So I'm the Jerk!

For all my complaining about problems with my Xbox 360 after getting it back from repair, it seems like I’m the moron to blame. Dustin came over last night and brought his set of A/V cables, as he now has HDMI cables for his 360 now and doesn’t need the other ones. We hooked ‘em up to my Xbox, and the same problem occurred, audio, no video.

“Why don’t you check if there’s a switch on the cord?” my brilliant Maureen suggested.


How could I forget the simple switch on the 360 A/V cable to switch between HDTV and regular TV?!? I don’t have an HDTV, so I flipped the switch and ta da! It worked!

Now I feel like a royal knuckleknob, and I paid for it by shipping out my non-broken cables, but with Dustin loaning me those cables for the foreseeable future at least I can play my 360 again. Still, you’d think that Xbox customer service would ask me about that switch when I described the problem as one of the first things to troubleshoot…

Anyway, we all played a boat load of Soul Calibur IV last night, so I’ll have some kinda impressions or thoughts up in the not too distant future. In short: it rocks.

Don’t forget that Xbox Live is offline today for Microsoft’s preparations for a “brand new Xbox experience!”


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