Thursday, September 18, 2008

Word on the Street 9/18

time for word on the street. i got some new stuff from around the internets.

Keep waiting for the 360's GTA4 DLC

sounds like 360 owners might have gotten a boner for the console war killer exclusive GTA4 DLC too early. despite Microsoft assuring gamers that you made the right choice buying the 360 version of GTA4, seems that MS maybe was hoping out loud about the mystery DLC. we'll see, sooner or later.

Rockstar is being very quiet about it, but Rockstar is always quiet about their plans. they might be even more quiet on this because of what happen with GTA4 missing it's release date in the first place.


Fracture demo out today on XBL/PSN

i've heard about this game, but i couldn't tell you anything about it. but, the demo is out today on PSN and is out now on XBL. we'll rock a DEMO-lition about the demos soon. until then, here's a gameplay video via youtube.

Life with Playstation out today

announced at E3, Life with Playstation was an extension of the folding @ home program. adding news and weather to the number of things your PS3 can do. it's ok. i watch the news almost 8-10 hours out of the day, but it's something that is interesting and outside the scope of what game consoles can do. check out the details here.

Burnout Paradise "bike pack" is out, more crashing eminent

having played the the new bike content this morning, i'll say that Criterion should be your new heroes in game development. they have adding more content for Burnout Paradise FOR FREE then most developers have for ridiculous prices. (halo 3 maps, house armor) the bike challenges are cool and long. i did a burning route that the target time was 8:14! i beat it, but not by much. the whole thing is amazing to me and would hope more people would follow their lead. if you don't have Burnout, A) why not it only $30 bucks and B) who doesn't like free shit?

to end this, here's some footage of Fallout 3. what reason do you need to see more of this one?

for more, go to Bethesda's youtube channel.


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