Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gaming Update (Double XP Call of Duty 4 PS3 version)

i jumped on COD4 late. really late. like i got it 2 months ago late. yeah, i know. but i'm happy to report that the game defiantly deserves all the accolades it's gotten. so, after getting my ass handed to me for the first few matches, (read: 30-40) i feel that i've got a pretty good handle on the online portion. i've played all of one hour of the campaign. sue me.

so, i was hyped to hear about the double xp weekend. who's going to be upset about getting something of free? xp, even for people that are good at COD4, is going to get alot of people online and shooting each other in the face. so, here's what i've been up to playing COD4:

- i started out at level 25. not bad. i've since ramped up to 32 in half a day. not bad. i've noticed that i've better then i thought i was. in domination, i've been working more tactical. not running and backing up other players and getting fucking shot up vs. trying to hold down the flags seems to work better. why go looking for trouble when bad guys are going to come to the flag, and to you. it's been working for me.

- been playing the chinatown level alot. i don't know if that a new playlist error, but i've been playing it. alot. somebody fix that. please.

- since unlocking the ak-74u, i've been rocking it pretty hard. previously, i'd been going back and forth between M16A4, The RPD and the Scorpion getting the challenges for those guns. i never felt comfortable with any of them in the game with any of them. the RPD was the best with the scope. it gave me a long game and stopping power in the close game. but the ak-74u is a very nice fit. i sacrifice the long game for the quick reload and quick unloading of the clip. add that with the double tap perk and i've been racking up big points. i got 1500 xp in one headquarters match.

- i suck at using shotguns and sniper rifles. i can't get my head around it. i'll have to try at some point, but it's really hard for me. maybe i'll try more tonight since i have school in the morning.

- headshots are all luck.


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