Friday, September 5, 2008

In Deck - DoomStein

Castle Crashers
Holy crap! What a fun and addictive game this is! I can't stop playing it. I've already wizzed through it twice, i'm up to level 46, and I just started playing it again on insane mode. This is definitely a game for the old school side scolling beat'em up fans out there. It's also one of the most humorous games i've played lately as well. The little details you see in the backgrounds of levels crack me up! There's also poop humor abound as well, which is right up my alley. The forest level is one of my favorites so far with small and large furry woodland creatures alike crapping themselves at the sounds of the ominous end level boss's thunderous footsteps throughout the level! I'm sorry if you don't find it hillarious, but then again that's why I'm me and you aren't, and i'm fine with that!
The best part about this game obviously though is the fact that you don't have to tread the hysterical, lava monster, alien and baddie infested landscapes by yourself. Of course you could, but then you would miss some of the best multiplayer hack and slash goodness of recent times and you wouldn't want to do that, would you? Busting through hordes of evil minions is just that much better with another person is oh so satisfying as you volley those arrow chucking thieves back and forth between you which you could do for hours straight with the same guy none the less (which there should be some sort of ranking or achievement for). The best part of it comes when you rescue a princess from one of the bosses. When there is 2-4 knights (or other unlockable characters which there is a ton of) and only 1 princess, it gets all Thunderdome in the room. No D.V.D.A. here (this is a T rated game after all). 4 men enter... Only 1 gets the girl.
Theres tons of other stuff to go on about like the colectable animals and weaponry (the pork chop being my favorite) but Max has already pointed a lot of that out in his post. This isn't the Castle Crasher ID so i'll give the awesomeness of this game a rest for now, but if you own a 36o (and you aren't a complete lamer) I suggest that you at least give it a try. You might just realize what "FUN" is.

Bionic Comando Rearmed
Way to go Capcom! You have successfully reinvented a classic game and not put the words "Mega Man" or "Resident Evil" in the title and not put a number on the end of it. Theres lots of great humor in the dialog, great controls and nice use of exploding heads. It definitely brings back the memories of classic gaming. The only thing this remake is missing is the use knights with elemental magic and dragons with sock puppets.

Rock Band
With a generous donation of Microsoft Points from the "Summer of Arcade" sweepstakes and PAX track pack I was able to download some songs that don't suck nor had Lars Ulric sitting over the Harmonix people saying that there just weren't enough buttons to press in this particular song. I had been sick of hearing the same old songs so being able to play some System of a Down, Devil Driver, Machine Head and MC Frontalot made me pick the game back up for a while.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time (snes)
I just popped this into the old Snes last night to play through with some people that came over last night and nostalgia took over. Ahhhh, how I have missed the company of Rapheal, Master Splinter and Krang. The controls are just as good as I remember them and throwing Foot soldiers at the screen was still a great time. What was up with abreviating all the bosses names when their health bar came up though? Did they just forget how to spell Shedd.... Um, what were the last couple of letters again?

Doom (32X)
WTF!!!! How the hell did I ever play a FPS without 2 joysticks? Time to grab a more recent update of this classic for a much newwer FPS capable system.

Animal Crossing DS
Well, my woman playing this game again lately made me throw it in again. Then I took it right back out after I found that my entire town was pretty much one big weed, my house was infested with roaches like I lived on the west side, and I realized that my favorite neighbor (Agent S) moved away and that was why I quit playing in the first place. Cuz everyone else in my town was a giant douschebag that collects pink furniture and has 'roid rage from lifting too many weights! And don't even get me started on ol' Tom Crook...

The House of the Dead 2&3 Return
"what happened to the world?" "The 1998 Curien Mansion case happened, I suppose." When isn't it a good time to shoot the undead, especially after seeing the new retro B horror movie trailer for the latest installment HOTD:Overkill. I've been blasting hordes of zombie's heads off lately in anticipation! "Suffer like G did?"


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