Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Games that need to be remade Vol.1

This is the first in hopefully a series. The other guys might pop up with some thoughts as well. hope people dig it.

In the wake of Bionic Commando: rearmed selling round about 130,000.……downloads in a week, it clear that the remake trend isn’t going to go anywhere soon. For better or worse. After playing BC:R, I started thinking about how wrong this could go. Image HD versions of shitty Sega Master System games flooding your respective system’s online store. Who needs an HD remake of Bubble Bobble? But, then on the flip side, I started thinking about how, if done with the same attention to detail and care in the production and thinking about the fans of the original, what games would be well served to get the “remix” treatment:

(Note that for the sake of this article, these selections would be meant to be downloadable games, not full $60 retail games.)

Blaster Master

Blaster Master was one of those games that that upset me as a kid. It was confusing. You seemed to die very quickly. There were a lot of different gaming elements in the game like platforming, shooting, item collection. Sure, it wasn’t the best looking game, but it was a really tough game. So, for the few that beat the game, (I was not one of them. Although years later, I found out that I was very close to the end when I quit playing) it was a fist-pumping celebration to finish the game.

Remaking BM would destroy you new school gamers. And i think that's why i want to see it come back. you know the type; gamer x plays COD4 and halo 3 and possibly gears of war and he 's the authority on games. he slams gamer fuel and calls you a faggot on XBL. he's hardcore. he thinks Braid and Pixel Junk Eden are gay. he's hardcore.

Blaster Master is the benchmark, tough guy.

I'd be willing to bet that should BM get re-released, it would send Mr. Hardcore beating his head against the wall and controllers flying across the room. Three lives, no continues? Right. Many would view BM like some old remake and pass on it. BM is one of the hardest games ever made. Hands down. Anyone that disagrees never played it.

With updated visuals, extra items and a remixed soundtrack, (I really dug the in game music) Blaster Master could appeal to the old school, hardcore gamers that seem to be getting growingly ignored in the face of development teams these days. Contrary to what people seem to think, most people into games actually like games that are hard. And BM is as hard as they come.

'til later, keep playing games.

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