Thursday, March 12, 2009

Evidence mounting on Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD remix

A while ago, I posted something about some rumors floating around about everyone's favorite developers, Capcom, re-releasing the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the download circuit. It's still one of my favorite fighting games and one of my biggest video game regrets, selling the game (twice!!) for extra money, only to find it going for ri-fucking-diculous change on Ebay.

Well, people selling MvC2 might want to cash in while they can. posted an interview with Capcom's Christian Svensson, vice president, business development and strategic planning. In it, he was asked about any other games that might get the "HD remix treatment," and he was quoted as saying....

"while "not every game needs it", the company was "potentially" going to apply the HD Remix treatment to other fighting games in its back catalogue."

He also said about if MvC2 was one of the games that didn't need the HD treatment..........

"I won't say it doesn't need it. Marvel would be great to do. There's obviously a fan base for it. It's probably our most requested title. Unfortunately, I wish I had news to share on that front but I don't."

Hmmm. "Other Capcom fighting games?" With a list that includes Power Stone, X-men vs. Capcom, Final Fight, SNK vs. Capcom and Battle Arena Toshinden (and i'm sure I'm missing some) that's fucking HUGE list to choose from. However, given the choice between an updated Final Fight and one of the most sought after fighting games that come out in the last decade, I'd be willing to put money on MvC2 coming out soon. Maybe at E3 we'll hear more about this awesome thought.

And while I'm thinking about it, will someone at Capcom get off their hands and remake...........

Check out the article here.


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