Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nintendo's GDC Keynote so far: Rock and Roll Climber/storage for the Wii

A quick note from the Nintendo keynote at GDC. Well, I'm not there, but watching some liveblogs and Nintendo have lost their minds. A new SD card storage system that lets Wii owner have up to 32gig of space and launch games from the card is a great idea. Pirates all over are cheering that, and Final Fantasy games are being re-released later this year but you're big reveal is a balance board game that make you look like a bigger fool then most active Wii games?

more on the way later.

UPDATE: Virtual Console Arcade; Mappy and Space Harrier and others. Sounds good. DSi preorders are nuts. Not surprised. Warioware Snapped for the DSi will set the world on fire with ridiculous pictures and such. Oh, and a new DS Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Trains are a great way to travel.

Iwata quote "while new original development may be difficult during the economic downturn," he notes "the jet engine, television and the chocolate chip cookie were created during The Great Depression. So, if you can make a DSiWare game that tastes like chocolate chip cookies, you're going to save the world."

Wow. Thanks to and for the liveblog. I'm sure Max will have more to say about this.


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