Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Killzone 2 Kountdown: Scout and Saboteur Badges

Not really a countdown anymore, but still cool and interesting stuff from Killzone 2. This time, it's the Saboteur Badge. Cloaking is one of those things that sucks ass if you're not using it. The Scout, as well, has a cloaking style device that works only while standing still. The Scout is the only one that uses the sniper rifle in multiplayer. I just saw one of these guys last night while I was playing online. He was doing a Terminator 2-like 'breaking down into another form' animation. He looked like one of my guys, but I figured that something was up so I shot his ass. Chalk one point up for me.

This game's multiplayer is really interesting and makes me want to keep playing more and more to use the different badges. More videos soon, since I think they are all out at this point.

Saboteur Badge

Scout Badge


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