Monday, October 13, 2008

Best news of the week.

so, i've been gone to Columbus, oh to work for my school for the weekend. it was a long weekend too. geez. it was a good time though, but i'm glad to be done with it. so i'm back to posting news about video games when i should be sleeping or studying anatomy.

so, cruising the internets of the first time in a few days, i ran into to this. if true, is the best news possible for fighting gamers. if for some reason you don't know about this game, i won't go in to a huge amount of time about it. other then it's one of the best ideas for a fighting game. loads of great characters on both ends. a 3 on 3 tag mechanic that makes for an insane amount of action. ok, i really won't go into more detail. go here to learn your ass about my unbeatable Strider/Cable/B.B. Hood team.

if you're like me, you've seen the fucking ridiculous ebay prices for Marvel vs Capcom 2. this option is the best possible solution for gamers that are tired of waiting for Capcom to get of their ass and put out Super Street Fighter HD Turbo Hyper Mega Super Duper Remix.

no word on if this is a "remaking" or a port of the PS2 game. either would be awesome. as someone that had the PS2 version once upon a time, a port would be fine with me. more on this soon......hopefully.

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