Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things are Back to Better than Normal in 360 Land…

So I have my Xbox 360 back after the red ring of death affair, and figured out the issue with the cords. Since then, I’ve been working with the XBOX Customer Support line on finally trying to get my 360 hooked up to my computer. I’ve probably spent about three hours with them on the phone on different calls being told different things to solve this problem, and I still hadn’t figured it out. Additionally, I wasn’t able to connect to LIVE after my last phone session with them telling me to tinker with my PC. However, last Saturday night after another call, I decided to do some online surfing on the issue, and resolved it (at last!) by surfing various forums and finding out about a wonderful program called TVersity which hooked up my PC and 360 lickity split.

After that, I called Microsoft again and found out how to transfer the licenses on my downloaded games and content so that my LIVE account wouldn’t need to be signed in to play them (and therefore, Maureen could play the downloaded Beautiful Katamari levels she’s been dying to play since just before the red rings of death hit). That’s fixed now and everything is finally back to normal; better than normal now because of the PC hookup.

So all’s well in Xbox 360 land… At least here. I guess my friend Aaron’s 360 is starting to lock up. A lot. He’s the last guy I know who has a 360 and has not to have red rings of death. I’m sure they’re not far off for him. So while we’re all hooked up, he wants to borrow our 360 for his next Rock Band party…

I know I’ve been updating the blog with every step of the 360 madness I’ve been having, but hey, isn’t that what a blog is for?


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Doomstein said...

Max, didn't you know the 360 is totallly last year? Come join the unkempt masses in PS3-land. All the cool kids are doing it! You are the last person on earth without one. Ignore all your friends who ssay they don't have one, they are only lieing to you so that your felings aren't hurt. Come, join us at our next Playstation party. We are serving our "special Kool-Aid" It will be to die for.

p.s. I'm just messing with ya! ;)