Monday, October 6, 2008

Gaming Update (Bioshock demo version)

so, after a week of having a strained muscle in my arm for a better part of the week, i managed to play some games. with my fellow blogger, Woodstein, acquiring a PS3, i hope to pepper my gaming updates stories of dustin having my back in resistance or COD4 while i talk the mad shit. maybe.....

here's what's been up:

NOT playing Call of Duty 4

since i got COD4 from, i've played it almost everyday. it's a great game. the constant online shooting never gets old. even if you're playing creek for the fourth time, it's still fun and there is always some asshole sniping me from the waterfall. bastards......

i haven't played it in a week and change. why? well.........


i love racing games. love them. so, took a chance on the sony based future racer. and jusus, is this one great. the beginning starts slow. getting you used to the controlls and the racing style. the presentation is just steller. those with HDTVs need to buy this game! looking at you, dustin. i'm not geep into it, but i plan on getting some more playtime in this week on my days off work. i haven't played anyonline yet. more about that later. a $60 game for $20? possiblly the best deal of the season if you're PS3 affiliated.

i have gone crazy on the photo mode. i'll post some sometime soon.


trophy hunting in burnout is not very hard. it's pretty fun busting out billboards and gates. i'm not so good at the flatspins or barrel rolls. i've set alot of records. only for them to be broken at some point in the middle of the night. (i have my game on a 24 hour scale. so, when i play, around 11pm after work, it's night out.) again, i haven't played online too much. i'll have to remedy that soon. i still can't believe that burnout has so much to offer for free.


ok. it's the big day. i FINALLY get to play bioshock. sure. you all have played and beaten it already and you're all sick of it now, but damnit, i haven't played it and i really want to. so, after downloading the demo and playing it a few times, i can say this: 1. the game plays just like the 360 version. i remember the splicers jumping for the pools of water as you torch them with the incinerate plasmid. it's the same...mostly. 2. the game doesn't look as sharp as the other versions. now 2k knows that this is something that pisses of PS3 owners and they are working hard to bunp up the graphics before the release date of Oct 21th. but, this sounds alot like things PS3 owners have heard before. i really hope they get it together because i really want to get into this, even though i already know the story ends.

either way, i've pre-ordered Fallout 3 from and i'll get it the day it comes out. sweet deal.


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