Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My (brief) LittleBigPlanet impressions

i played the fuck out of the LBP beta. for three days, i played most of the player created levels and i can clearly say that this game is every bit of the system seller that people are making it out to be. granted that i didn't get to start my "ice climbers from hell" level, (i'll write about that later, possibly with illustrations) but seeing the levels that people have made, i'm floored by the scope of the designs. the remaking of other games that i've seen (silent hill, GTA4, resident evil to name a few. you've likely seen the shadow of the colossus level) is nothing short of an epic win.

the simple interface is likely to not bury new gamers in alot of menus. the opening is very well done and the tutorial is one of the most interesting ways to walk new players through the ins and outs of the game. i liked that the walkthrough levels weren't too long that you started getting antsy, wondering "when am i going to get the level making part?" it's paced very well. and again, if the levels that were made in the beta are any indication of the stuff you can make in the game, i can't wait to see the community surrounding the game blow the fuck up.

in a holiday season where the two hardcore based gaming companies (aka the losers) are softening up their outlook a tad to cut into some of that nintendo money. microsoft's approach isn't bad, it just seems out of place for the people who they marketed the system to in the first place. the 360 is suppose to be the anti-wii console, right? now, in November, you can have a simpler, if not XMB-like interface and deformed versions of master chief and the gears of war guys dancing around in the corner of your games when you get an achievement. (i'm guessing)

where as sony seems to have a better way to bridge the gap to the big black monolith: a game that, at it's basis, is a game that's aimed at kids, but can be as complex as you want it to be. and with the community tools sounding like it will rival bungie's support of the halo games and being made with pop in/pop out off and online mutliplayer, this game is going to have legs. despite how many people keep trying to write off the PS3, this is going to be a really great time to have/buy one. and LBP is a big reason for that.

for even more info, as if you didn't know almost everything about it, go to media molecule's website.


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