Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sin & Punishment 2!!!

Of course, the big news last night is about Nintendo introducing its new iteration of the DS, the DSi, complete with thinner design, two cameras, music playback and no GBA slot. But what I am excited about are the game announcements Nintendo made during the conference--particularly one about a sequel about a little game I love, Sin & Punishment.

One of the last N64 games, the original was only released on Virtual Console in North America, but it was designed for the US all along. When asked if Treasure was interested in a Wii sequel to S&P with motion controls in an interview with Treasure’s president months back in Nintendo Power, the response was Treasure would “love to make that game.” Well, now it’s coming to fruition. Hopefully, a North America release will be announced by NOA in their press event going on today and tomorrow, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. I don’t have time to carry on about the original game (I’ve got class in the next 15 minutes), but needless to say, it is one of the most awesome games I have ever played.

From screens taken from to my old crew at Nintendo World Report (with thanks), we can see that the game looks like more of the same shooting and boss craziness, but this time it seems there are jetpack levels! Wow. I really hope that aiming is controlled by aiming the Wii-remote (believe me, the game is made for such a configuration!).

Also announced were Wii remakes of the first Klonoa and the original Pikmin, a new Punch-Out game (could the rumors about the balance board being used for it be true?), a Wii-sequel to the DS game, Trace Memory and new installments of Wario Ware and Mario & Luigi for the DS.

All I have time left to say is that I’m stoked as hell and my day is officially made. It’s taken eight years, but Sin & Punishment is finally getting the sequel it deserves!!! With all my Xbox 360 craziness (don't even get me started about what's going on with it now) and these exciting announcements from Nintendo, Wii is set to be my most played console again in 2009!


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