Monday, October 27, 2008

In Deck (The countdown to Fallout 3 edition)

due to the wonders of release date shipping, (thanks amazon) i'll be playing Fallout 3 at this time tomorrow. needless to say, i'm very excited to get my hands on this one. but, until then, i've been playing some other stuff in the meantime:


ah, pain. my go to game. the trophies are fucking hard, but i love playing you. flinging sid, my punk rocker avatar, into a tilt-a-whurl is more fun then it should be. and with the adding of the Hoff coming next month as well as a new envirment, the movie studio, pain will be getting played more in between major gaming sessions.


well, the trophy patch is live and i've started up a new GTA4 game to get some trophies. unlike alot of people, i don't really mind starting a new game to check out the trophies. most of the games that trophies aren't retroative, (uncharted, GTA4, burnout paradise) i really like playing the first time. so don't mind having a reason to play them again. whatever. some people care, i guess. anyway, i've got a whopping three so far. and with all the zombies roaming the online matches, it's going to get played alot more in the near future.

Resident Evil 4

i let a friend borrow this for a while. like three months. he beat it twice and played the separate ways side story. he's really hyped for RE5. he's plotting to get a PS3 or a 360 to play it. he doesn't have that long to wait. much like bioshock and fallout 3, RE5 will be out before you know it. in the meantime, i started back up with RE4 at my last save. the end boss was easier because of my mine launcher and the fact that i've played through the game three times already, so money wasn't a whoa. (dustin will get that) i can't believe that after all this time, this game is STILL this fun. i guess shooting zombies never really gets old.


my trophy hunt was going slow on this one. then, it just exploded. i think i got six in one online session. it took a while to get a good crew to play some modes rather then just drive around and wreck each other. the online gameplay is as fun as the offline game. my game is set to a 24 hour time frame, where at night, the game plays at night. so, when i play after work, it's a blur of car grinding each other in to walls and oncoming traffic. god, love that game. can't wait to see what Criterion comes up with next.


i started up again with COD4, only to revisit my fumbling with my newly unlocked shotguns. i fucking suck at using them and i get shot in the face when i use them. i'm around level 38 and it's going well. i'm still having a good time with the game. i wonder if there is going to be new playlists coming or new downloadable content after world at war comes out. COD4 and GTA4 are still selling well and i think it would be smart to keep it going if people are stil playing. and people are still playing. i'm still playing off and on between playing new releases. on a side note, i really like the way the resistance 2 beta has aped the experiance points and leveling system of COD4 and added it's own twists to it. i'll post my thoughts about the beta soon.

fallout is coming to my house as we speak.


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