Thursday, December 11, 2008

Achieveables: Zombie Style

in a rare move, an outside contribution has hit my inbox for all you Achievement Whores out there. it's Left 4 Dead Achievement tips from Ms. DOOMstein, Rose:

Now, I am not the most gaming-est chic you'll ever meet, however, I have logged quite a bit of time playing this addictive shooter. I don't have all the achievements, and I probably never will. I do, though, have the somewhat coveted 'Stand Tall' (or the Karl Marx achievement as I like to call it).

If I may, I would like to share some tips and/or tricks for grabbing this achieveable, so you too, at the end of the campaign can here the 'Bleep Bloop' of new gamer points!

-First things first, go after this achievement and only this achievement. Do not attempt for cr0wnd, Akimbo Assasin, Man VS. Tank, Unbreakable, or any of the other big ones. It will only lead you to the heartache of kissing this Bleep Bloop goodbye.

-Play with other REAL people. The A.I. is good, but they don't care about you and your gamerscore. They WILL let you get incapped. Don't let the game dialogue fool you. Louis will leave your ass and Francis doesn't care if you live or die.

-Don't get discouraged if a Hunter pounces you or a Smoker snares you or you are dangling from a window sill. These do not count as incaps, just minor inconveniences.

-Stay with the pack. Don't take point, don't be a scout. Use your ears. The main baddies make distinct noises. The Hunters growl and scream. The Smokers cough and hack. The Boomer has a bad case of acid reflux. The Tank has some scary, thundering theme music, as well as the Horde. And the Witch cries.

-Speaking of the Witch, don't disturb her. Let someone else do that and then just save their ass. Honestly, the A.I. will almost always bother this whiny bad ass. Let'em. They don't get achievements.

-As soon as possible, pick up the M16. This weapon is best used with short bursts rather than all willy-nilly firing blindly into the massive horde of zombies. Only hold the trigger down when you find the point of origin of the Horde. This will take them ALL out as they file in through the hall/doorway/broken wall/ceiling tile, etc.

-When the mass is too great, if you have one, throw a pipe bomb. The zombies flock to this, as it is shiny, and they like shiny. It will save your ass everytime.

-If you are going to use a molotov or blow up a gas can, make sure it is strategically done. Place it where the zombies are coming from, but far enough away from your point of defense. Zombies still run when they are on fire, and they will pounce and snare you and catch you aflame as well. Remember kids, fire is not a toy.

-When you hear the Tank music, find a good place for defense and stay there. Let him come to you. When you see him in your sights, aim at his chest and fire at will. If everyone is concentrating their fire, you'll take him down without having to reload. I promise. He's big, he's fast, he's undead, but he isn't immortal.

-In the finale, find a spot with a good view that is near the ammo, and crouch there. Your aim is almost dead on in a crouching position. Also, have your back to something solid, and remember, not all walls are solid.

-I have found that the best 2 levels for getting this achieveable are No Mercy and Blood Harvest. Keep your back to the gun cabinets, next to the ammo. Keep your eye on the doors and windows and stay where you are.

- Defend your point AND your people. There should be 2 waves of Zombies as well as 2 Tanks to live through. After this, run like hell to the escape vehicle. In No Mercy it's a chopper, in Blood Harvest is an armoured military vehicle. Get your ass there and get inside. You can still shoot Zombies, so lay down cover fire for your team.

Remember, throughout all 5 levels, heal BEFORE you get in the red. If you have pain pills, use those before you use your med kit. If you see that an A.I. has a med pack and you need health, wander around them and most likely they will heal you before they heal themselves. They will also hand pain pills off to you.

Last, but not least, let your team mates know what's going on. Let everyone know if you hear a hunter, a smoker, a boomer, etc. If you are pounced or snared, tell someone. You need to work together to get this achievement.

Now, I can't promise that all these tips will get you your Bleep Bloop. But, they will get you damn close. Pay attention and KNOW the level you are playing. You'll get it. And when you do, you'll say, "Man, that was easy."


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