Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Metal Gear Solid goes to iphone; xbox fans resume hating

it's been the talk of the gaming world since it came out. "when is metal gear solid 4 coming to the xbox 360?" it was inevitable, right? the last of the MGS storyline featuring solid snake was only for PS3 and the tongues were out. "no way can MGS4 make back the money it took to make this insane piece of gaming awesomeness with it only coming the the PS3. it HAS TO come to the 360!" online blogs all but confirmed it. well, it didn't and MGS4 remainded the one exclusive PS3 game that xbox owners wanted more than anything. it's become somewhat of a urban legend of sorts.

once MGS4 came out, some 360 fans shit on it, rating it more of an interactive movie then a game. convincing themselves that such a game can't be all that was good in the gaming world and be on 'that' system. still, the legend lingered in the background. even when creator Hideo Kojima said that MGS4 couldn't be made on the 360 and it wasn't coming at all, 360 fans continued "360 has the greatest games. MGS4 can't be considered great if it's not on the 360!"

so, the rumor came back a few weeks ago with the now infamous teaser image. upon first sight, people jumped out of their skin. "it's in all green!!!11!!1 MGS4 TO #360COMFIRMED!!!111! ZOMG!1!11 SUK IT PS#3 FANBOIZ!!!!"

seems that that reaction was a little premature.........

so, it looks like MGS will be going to the iphone/itouch. to be fair, looking back at MGS4, no one should have been surprised. apple products were all over that game. it looks like apple just got a huge endorsement from konami. when a big developer is making a version of it's biggest game on your new system, it's a big deal. i'm interested in seeing how it's going to do. with all the iphones out there, it has to do pretty well. we'll see more, i guess, at macworld next month.

PS3 fans, no trophies. and don't hold your breath.

360 fans, you can resume calling MGS4 a shitty movie if it makes you feel better. gears of war 2 is still out. you could play games know....actually ARE on your console.

blogs and video game news sites, time to write some more 'PS3 is doomed' stories. or start some more false hope about MGS4 coming to 360.


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