Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sony Cuts 8000 Jobs due to Economic Crisis (but still spends money on junk mail)

So, I get home from work today and I check the mail and what do I see? Bills, junk ads, more bills, and and 4x9 postcard from Sony about the PSP 3000. I look at the pretty matte finish card with glossy highlights and say to myself "Wow! They are cutting 800 jobs and closing 10% of their plants because of the recession, but they still have enough money to make what can't possibly be a cheap ad card to send to me from the now defunct PlayStation Underground!" Kind of funny, don't you think? As I read the bullet points on the back of the card I notice one point in particular that made me chuckle to my self.

  • Dazzling, all new, enhanced PSP system screen with widest color spectrum, highest contrast ratio, and fastest response time available on any portable device
  • Anti-reflection technology
  • blah blah blah, Etc...(I made that part up. It's not the funny part.)

Anti-reflection technology huh? Well, the guy that wrote that bullet point and the guy who designed the postcard definitely weren't talking to each other when they made the whole thing. Ya see, the glossy highlight part I mentioned earlier happened to be on the screens of the PSPs they have plastered all over it. They are so glossy, in fact, that as I tried to see the screen shots on the PSPs, all I saw was the glare of the light in my living room reflecting off of the screen! Oh ironic Sony marketing geniuses, how you make me laugh with your demonstration of this new technology... What was it supposed to be called again? Anti-anti-reflection technology?

Just thought I would share that with everyone.


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