Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home is out tomorrow!!! (yeah, no one cares)

it's been a long time coming, but sony's long awaited social network is coming out tomorrow. many of the reports on Home are "who fucking cares" type stories. and i won't lie, unless there is alot of new additions, people are going to not be impressed with it. while the physical seeing and meeting someone in the bowling alley playing pool or the buying clothes in the mall or meeting up in the themed game rooms sound cooler then just talking shit to people in matchmaking before your fragfest starts, most people have made up their minds already that Home is another waste of time.

i've been in the beta since the begining. it's been up and down. it's something i check out every now and then when something new comes down the pipe. i talk to people sometimes, but i do most of my talking on the pool table. the whole thing is crazy enough to work. but will anyone care? some 13 million PS3 owners will have a chance to make up their minds in a few hours. until then, you can find me in the club......playing pool.


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