Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Those Darn Kids…Overstuffed Edition!

It’s Wednesday, but I’ve been too comatose from leftovers, exhaustion from tree decorating, and the kind of laziness that hits when you don’t have school or a job to go to. Therefore, I nearly forgot to do another (unnecessary and annoying) edition of “Those Darn Kids…!” for this week, as I missed out on doing it on Tuesday. So now, here we go, better late than never. Isn’t it great I remembered?

First off, we have a young man who may have a future as a lawyer with his charisma and persuasion skills…Or maybe not. Take a look as this three year old throws a fit and lobs a compelling argument to why he should still be playing games:

This next freak out isn’t so bad, as it’s not overly obnoxious, but it is kinda funny. Just try to follow these hot moves and not lose your cool!

I can sympathize with this young player, as most DDR soft mats are horrendous. But WTF song is she dancing too? Mega Man’s Greatest Toe-Tapping Hits?

Of course, maybe I should actually come out of hiding to blog about gaming stuff that is actually interesting or informative, instead of hauling out videos of kids being brats… And I probably will too tomorrow. At least until next week that is, when “Those Darn Kids…” will run rampant again!


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