Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Those Darn Kids...Furious Fits!

It’s (barely) still Tuesday, and after a small break last week, “Those Darn Kids…” are back to shock and annoy! It’s probably our most updated feature since I’ve been doing weekly updates, and certainly the most disturbing.

Here’s one of the worst cases I’ve come across of a bratty kid + video games, and one that’s a bit more recent too. In it, a young fellow gets so pissed at Super Smash Bros. Brawl that he starts wrecking his room. The picture’s not the best, but you’ll see plenty. His sister sets up the scene:

Good Christ. I remember crying once as a kid because I lost at Pac-Man and only had one quarter to play it, but I didn’t throw a FIT!

This next one features the kind of Halo player that everybody hates. A fowl mouthed kid on steroids. It’s another clip reminiscent of our young German friend, but like others we've seen, this one seems legit and not staged. This kid swears, screams, yells at his parents, this video’s got it all. Then again, it’s a little hard to watch, as it’s reminiscent of the worst part of Xbox Live that many of us would prefer to avoid:

What a disaster.

Yes, the Wii Holiday Guide is still coming, as I am just editing it up at this point, so stay tuned for that! Also, “Those Darn Kids…” should be back next week too, so look the hell out!


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