Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NEW SEGMENT: Those Darn Kids…

Partly inspired by J’s “Smackdown” segments, I decided to make up a new segment for once; one that features annoying (and occasionally insane) kids freaking out while playing games.

My first video I planned featured a 9 year old screeching with his mom about chocolate milk while playing a clan match on Xbox Live. Watch for his character’s mouth movements in sync to his bitching. He's yelling at his mom, making outrageous demands, and being the type of kid parents have nightmares about. It’s fucking ridiculous… check it out, um, here. Oh, J beat me to it and it's just below. Well, it’s still hilarious!

So onto the next one!

Next up is an angry German kid freaking out about playing Unreal Tournament. It’s kinda disturbing to me, as I’m half-German.

It turns out however, that this video (unlike the little chocolate milk bitch) is an act. Apparently the kid in the video made this in response to Germany censoring video games to show how the government views gamers. It’s a little disappointing it’s not real, but makes the faux outburst a brilliant statement. For more info, read the notes on the video’s YouTube page. Fake or not, it’s still a hell of a spectacle.

I have plenty more of these to come, but it's a segment I plan to do sparingly, for the sake of all our sanity.


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