Wednesday, November 12, 2008

“Leave Mario Out of This!” – Star Fox 64 Promo: Nintendo Marketing at its Best!

Or should I say worst. This little video was posted on YouTube by someone who found it in a Goodwill store for .75 cents. It features some of the most awful acting I’ve seen this side of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fare as thugs employed at Sega and Sony hijack a Nintendo employee as he parachutes into work (I knew there was a reason I always wanted to work at NOA!). Why you might ask? To torture information out of him to learn about Nintendo’s latest greatest game (in 1996): Star Fox 64 and its amazing “Rubble Pak” technology. It gets even more terrible from there, so have at it:

Still, with the rumble and the four-screen multiplayer, ol’ Star Fox 64 was pretty revolutionary at the time. The commercial on the other hand… Anyway, thanks to my pal Jason Frisbie for finding this and sending it in after hearing my incessant Peppy Hare imitations!

“Bah Doom Doom Dabba!” – Falco from the original Star Fox


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