Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Capcom Remake?

Capcom has been allegedly mining its old franchises after the success of Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed to see what else they can dig up, make new again, and profit from. I’ve been looking at games I’d love to see Capcom remake, covering Magic Sword and the Buster Bros. series. Meanwhile, J’s planning to write about what he’d like to see in a Strider remake, and there’s a rumor that Capcom is already on it. Now the latest word from the rumors section of the latest EGM states that Capcom is looking into remaking Forgotten Worlds as a downloadable title for XBLA and PSN.

What’s Forgotten Worlds you might ask? It’s basically a side scrolling shooter originally released in 1988, where you can take control of a jetpack wearing soldier (with two player co-op available) and fly around stages shooting badguys. One cool aspect of the game is that you can rotate your shots 360 degrees around you, controlling where they go. You can earn Zenny (the currency of many a classic Capcom game) to buy power-ups at shops scattered throughout levels.

While many of us have probably forgotten Forgotten Worlds, the Sega Genesis version of the game (which cut two stages from the arcade version) just hit the Wii Virtual Console yesterday. Plus, Capcom apparently doesn’t regard the franchise as a throwaway, as one or both of the solider characters from the game have had cameos in games such as the first Marvel Vs. Capcom, the Japan only Namco X Capcom, and the Neo Geo Pocket Color’s SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash. The game has also appeared as part of Capcom Classic Collection Vol. 1 for PS2 and Xbox (and surprisingly doesn’t work on the 360), where I’ve played a bit of it. It’s alright, but I’d definitely love to see other Capcom games remade (and I’ll post about more of them soon). But if Capcom is digging this deep, who knows what else might be being prepped for a comeback?


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