Friday, November 14, 2008

Whatever Happened to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for Wii?

Great news for fans of the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles series. Remember the FF:CC game that was shown waaaaay back in May 2006 with the unveiling of the Wii at E3, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers? Nothing has been heard about it since and many thought that the game was completely canned, with EGM even reporting a rumor that Square had dropped the project. In response, Square sent out the following statement:

While much of EGM’s ‘Rumor Mill’ contents end up being accurate, in this case the report is incorrect.

We have never announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has been cancelled and have every intention of releasing it. There may be some concerns as a firm ship date has not been set but rest assured there will be an announcement once we finalize the date internally.

Although there are many Square Enix related rumors out there that we do not comment on, due to the feedback from the readers, we felt it was necessary to provide a statement to alleviate the worries of those who are looking forward to the game. The fan base that the Final Fantasy series has is appreciated by everyone at Square Enix (not only the developers) so we hope this statement will prevent any further spreading of the rumor.

We apologize for any unnecessary distress this rumor may have caused and hope the fans of the series can again look forward to the upcoming release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

This is a big deal to many Wii and Crystal Chronicles fans, Maureen (especially) included. Hopefully the delay in news or announcements about the game signals a great deal of development has gone into it, making it well worth the wait. Thanks to Kotaku for this great news!


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