Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Change Abound & the New Xbox Experience!

As many of you know (and have probably already downloaded), the New Xbox Experience hit early this morning. Honestly, I have yet to download it. Part of it is that I had to finish my last bit of school for the quarter by turning in a revised short story & having a conference (plus coffee and chit chat) with my teacher. The other part of it is that I’m resistant to change, and I want Maureen to be up when I make said change.

“Do I have to make an Xbox Mii?” Maureen asked me last night. I told her of course not. Unfortunately, the Mii rip-off aspect, plus the Netflix feature, are about the only things I know about for the NXE. I’m sure there is lots of new features, and I plan to post impressions later today. I just hope they’re good improvements, and not a lot of unnecessary bells & whistles.

Meanwhile, the change I am excited about is being out of school and having lots more time to play games over the next five weeks or so. I’m hoping I’m able to get Left 4 Dead on Friday, and in the meantime I plan on beating No More Heroes, I’ve only two more ranked assassins before I’m #1 (though a friend who beat it told me I may not be as close to the ending as I think I am). I’ll also have more time to post on the blog, which I’m thrilled about. I’m looking forward to when Dustin wraps up his quarter and can post (and hang out) more. I’m excited by the possibility that J might get an Xbox 360 for Xmas, because believe me, if you knew him and how much shit he’s talked about the system, then you’d see the chance of him getting one a sign that Hell is freezing over (actually, Hell will freeze over if J gets a Wii). Speaking of the Wii, I plan on doing a holiday guide for new Wii owners to list some of the better games, at the request of one of my friends who is a reader and just got a Wii.

So yeah, big day for change. It’s a lot colder; there’s a little snow on the ground. But with the season change comes the holidays, new games, and a couple meals where it’s totally cool to eat too much. Plus the end of the year, and a start of a new one where George W. Bush is no longer in the White House, and Barack Obama will be. Change is good.


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