Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Virtual Girlfriend: A Game of Torture and Shame!

While I’m not about posting outlets for creepy Japanese hentai school girl obsession on Driver I.D., I couldn’t help but post this, as it is technically a "video game." It seems Geisha Tokyo Entertainment is offering a new product: the Dennou Figure ARis. It is basically a web cam game that plugs into Windows XP and allows you to manipulate a young girl in 360 degrees. Just take a look at the commercial for it and see how much “manipulating” can be done! Fondling, shoving, even giving them a magic door that opens to a world of dinosaurs are all within the range of possibilities of how you treat your virtual love. She’ll get mad, but just give her a teddy bear! Or why not some more sexy clothes? Real women love that kind of tricks-then-treats kind of action! They'll love to hate you and hate to love you! It’s sick and twisted yes, but think of all the loneliness killing fun to be had? Better yet, don’t. I don’t expect many people are reading us at the workplace, but this shit is definitely NSFW. Oh, and it's also really, really, wrong.


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