Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chaos Chaos You Don’t Stop…

I just had to post something on the blog this morning, because I have a little time and because I haven’t had a chance to lately. I’ve been overwhelmed with so much other stuff; mainly school, which I’m behind in, and work which I’ve had other issues with. I was also pretty stressed about the election.
Good thing that worked out! But with Obama president-elect and
Law & Order back on the air with a new season
(it’s my favorite show), I’m a bit more relaxed about everything. Now there’s only about a week and a couple days left for my quarter, so it’s going to get even crazier, but I thought I’d stop and take a couple moments to post whatever I can for a bit. I’ve had a couple things on the back burner and I have lots of ideas for posts, but I’ll just continue to concentrate on school and try to end it on a high note and do what I can for the blog when I can do it. Once school’s out for the holidays, I’ll definitely be posting a ton more.

Of course, on top of my own craziness, there’s the fact that we are now in the period of the year before the holidays where there are an overload of game releases. There’s so much stuff I want, the new DS Castlevania on the left, Dead Space on the right… Of course, out of the three of us “Drivers” at the Driver I.D., I feel for Dustin the most because he has all three current-gen systems. J does have a DS and PSP, but I’m sure most of his game purchases are going to the PS3 (though it sounds like he’s pretty tied up with Fallout 3).

Me, I’m planning on picking up the new Samba De Amigo game for Wii (don’t ask, the original was pretty special to me for a couple reasons) and hopefully be able to score a copy of Left 4 Dead in the next couple weeks for its multiplayer mayhem—my brother and I are already planning a zombie hunting party. Then I’ll probably just hold out hope for a couple of games under the tree (I’m looking at you Chrono Trigger). In this recession coupled with the fact most of my spending money is devoted to an insane amount of comics, I don’t expect I’ll be picking up too much during this crazy ass outbreak of games. That’s not all bad though, I still have a backlog to work through (and I will do it too, by god!).

Meanwhile, while my Xbox 360 is the picture of health, my buddy Aaron’s system is having lock ups galore. It started out as happening every time he’d get ten or twenty minutes into a game, but now it happens seconds into starting up the system, often distorting the round X symbol to where jagged edges come shooting out of it so it looks like it has a spiky haircut of Dragon Ball Z character caliber. Not good. I finally got him to call “my beloved friends” at Xbox customer support (yeah, I know they’re just doing their job), who told him because he doesn’t have the red rings of death, it’ll be $99 to fix it and he has to ship it out on his dime. Hopefully, it will red ring, and soon. Both my brother’s and my 360 red ringed not long after lockups started. So instead of just leaving his system unused, I’ve encouraged him to load it up as much as possible. I'm sure he’ll see those red rings before long though. I know all my blogging about 360 nightmares have probably scared off any potential owners of a 360, but it is a great system, and I’m happy to have mine working again at least. You just might have to deal with a truckload of bullshit owning one...

So chaos abounds.

(Props to anyone who recognized the headline as a line from a Luscious Jackson song…They were a great group).


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Maximilian said...

I know Dustin is studying like such a mofo that he has NO TIME for games. He hasn't played anything last time I talked to him (circa election day). Hopefully, the three of us can make it through the rest of the quarter and then meet up for some serious gaming!