Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Games that need to be remade: Fighting game version

with the re-release of Super Street Fighter 2 hyper global mega-net remix HD today on XBLA and PSN, i was thinking of how fighting games are seemingly coming back. i also started thinking about other games that could benefit from the new coat of paint and the HD treatment. non lag online would be a plus as well. rather than write a million words about each game, i figured that i'd scour the annals of youtube for some examples of what face beating could be. maybe this list could inspire you to poke the developers in the side to remake some of these awesome beat 'em ups. and start making some other ones.

Power stone (capcom)

Street Fighter EX series - Capcom (EX3 pictured in video)

Darkstalkers - Capcom

Clayfighter - Interplay

Rival Schools - Capcom

King of Fighters - SNK (2002 version shown)

Samurai Shodown - SNK (i never noticed that it was spelled S-H-O-down. like shogun. sweet.)

alot of capcom games, eh? sure. at one point, capcom was the end all and be all in the fighting game genre. many still think so. sure, tekken and virtual fighter have wowed with the advances in graphics and modes, but i think that the side scrolling fighter will made a comeback after the (upcoming) success of SSF2THDR and SF4. i'm sure we'll see another River City Ransom at some point soon.

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