Wednesday, November 26, 2008

R.I.P Rudy Ray Moore, AKA Dolemite: 1927-2008

No, it's not games related (if only someone would make a Dolemite game!), but it needs to be said. I’ve been meaning to take a moment here and tip my hat to the late, great Rudy Ray Moore for awhile, as it seems like only yesterday that Dustin told me he had passed on (more like three weeks ago; school fries brains and makes time fly). On October 19th, the beloved comedian, actor and inspiration to countless entertainers died due to complications with diabetes. However, though it’s coming late, I want to dedicate the 100th post on Driver ID to Rudy, and give thanks for him—the man that created Dolemite and elevated the toast to become the Godfather of Rap.

Rudy played many over-the-top roles from his original role as Dolemite, the “Human Tornado” rhyming pimp with an all girl kung-fu army, to Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil’s Son-in-Law. His movies were low-budget but truly amazing to behold and take in. There is no way I can express how much my friends and I enjoy his movies—it doesn’t border on obsessive, it drives over the railing at top speed. So Rudy, from both all of us at Driver ID and your old fans in the DIYMF Crew, rest in peace.

In tribute, here is Rudy’s original Dolemite sketch, from his album, Eat Out More Often. It’s definitely not safe for work, but fuck it!


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