Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Those Darn Kids… Brats & Addicts!

Overload on sugar and throw a temper tantrum, because it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another installment of “Those Darn Kids…!” It's the segment where we bring you brats, bastards, over excitement and rage displayed by youthful participants. Annoying? Of course! Hilarious? You bet!

Remember a couple weeks ago, in the first installment of Those Darn Kids…, there was a German kid acting like a maniac playing Unreal Tournament to make a political statement. Keep that in mind while viewing our first video, because here’s another look at the type of rage displayed by that young German actor… Though it looks like with this time, and this guy, he isn’t acting (and I have no idea what language he's speaking):

From the people I know who play it, I’ve determined that World of Warcraft is like a form of crack that gets into your system and won’t let go (Drugs Are Like That too ya’know). Here’s a young addict flipping the fuck out at his teammates, having not only to contend with the Lich King, but his mom too:

If my kids act anything like these two members of the “All-Winners Squad,” (more like All-Whiners) they will be beaten and forbidden to play anymore video games. Seriously. Stay tuned for more juvenile video game freak outs when “Those Darn Kids…” comes back to haunt you next Tuesday!


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