Thursday, November 6, 2008

RE:Chaos Chaos You Don’t Stop…

good call on the new prez deal. it's a good thing that people like elizabeth hasselbeck are coming around and supporting obama. hopefully, people like sean hannity can dial it back alittle.

true. most of my meager earnings seem to be going to the PS3. fallout 3 is DESTROYING MY LIFE. word. i've forgone getting anything else right now because of playing this game. and the fact that money is tight 'round these parts. on the short list is korg's ds-10, crono trigger and order of ecclesia for the DS. (which hasn't gotten much love in months) on the PSP front.....uhhh........hmmm. with lumines coming out on PSN at some point this year, the only thing i've been using my PSP for is listening to podcasts. (big shouts to world of warcast and podcast BEYOND) i'm sure that something will be coming down the pike soon.

the PS3 front is crazy. fallout 3 being the shit. buy that game. now. the resistance 2 beta was great. co-op was, hands down the best part. sure, i haven't played the single player campain, but the co-op was great. how good it'll be with the general public douchebags going for self and not helping you out when you die remains to be seen. flower is still coming out sometime this year. still have to get midnight club: LA. SOCOM? maybe later. crash commando looks fun. fat princess is next year but i'm still looking forward to it. any game that pissing off people is the game for me.

i still have to play through GTA4 again. this time, with trophies! yeah. it's just a reason to play through it again. i actually LIKE the fact that the trophies aren't retroactive. i can play through most of my games again. and with fallout 3 getting then 'soon,' i'll have to start doing more evil deeds in the capital wastelands.

and killzone 2 beta starts today. i'm hoping to get in. i really need to study more.



Maximilian said...

Yeah, our pal Aaron told us a lot about the Fallout series, and my brother got Fallout 3 just last week and is loving it. With school and other craziness (including limited finances), I'm low on time and can't commit to Fallout 3 right now. Maybe over the holidays? Right now though, I'm getting ready to survive the zombie apocalypse in Left 4 Dead.

Oh, and if Dustin and Rose get Animal Crossing: City Folk, I might have to pick that up too. We'll see...

Maximilian said...

BTW, Fat Princess looks like a really awesome concept. Like capture the flag, but with a fat princess that you can feed tons of cake to where she's TOO FAT to move. Awesome. Too bad (for me that is) that it's a PSN exclusive.