Thursday, November 20, 2008

FINALLY!!!! Playstation Home 1.0 is out in beta; rest of the world next week?

ahhh yes. Playstation Home. if you play video games, i'm sure you've heard of Home. it's one of the many internet memes related to the sony game system. it's been a long time coming and even seems to have influenced another system to be more community focused. it's been delayed and delayed and delayed. but, ironically coming the day after the new xbox experience, Playstation@Home version 1.0 is out and, if the rumors are true will be out for the world (in a constant beta) later next week. i have yet to check out the newness of 1.0 since the servers were off being readied for the beating that it's going to get in the next few weeks. but, i will be diving in and seeing what's new in home. more on week. maybe.

with killzone 2 shocking the shit out of people, could home live up to the hype as well? hey, seems to be the new trend in the sony camp.


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