Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rogue Squadron Flying to Wii?

Along with Quartermann’s recent rumor about a Strider remake underway, in the latest issue of Electronic Games Monthly he has another juicy rumor, especially for aspiring X-Wing pilots. It seems LucasArts has licensed out its entire Factor 5-developed Rogue Squadron franchise to a different publisher, who will be putting the whole series onto a single Wii disc, meaning that Rogue Squadron from N64, and Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike from GameCube will all be making a comeback. Of course, what’s a comeback without some new bells and whistles? All three of the games will be receiving enhanced visuals and Wii-specific controls. Since this is in EGM’s rumor section, there are no concrete details pertaining to release date or if other control methods, such as the GameCube controller, will be available as well. At least we can take comfort in the fact that the Q man worded this tidbit with more certainty than possibility. Star Wars fan or no, this is definitely some exciting news! Those games are definitely worth another play through (well, maybe not Rebel Strike so much…)!


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