Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Deck: PS3 video version (mostly)

haven't done an On Deck in a while. mostly because everyone knows about the games that are out that i want. because it's the same games that you want, too. well, not all of them. but, with x-mas coming up, here's a video list of games i'd like to play that are coming sooner then you think.

Skate 2

i really liked skate. i decided to check it out after playing the demo and being really disappointed with tony hawk proving ground. it was as close to real skating as you could really get. there isn't much they really had to do to add to it. except handplants and ninjas. and now, they're in game. sweet. look for it jan 6th. wow. i need to save some money.

Uno Rush

this is already out, but with my waffling on joining the rest of the civilized world and buying a 360, getting this is one of the reasons why i keep thinking about acquiring one. the amount of games on XBLA that i'd like to play are alot bigger than the regular, disc based games. believe it or not, i really don't care about playing gears of war or halo ever again. whooping someone's ass in Uno and laying the smacktalk down while you're doing it is awesome. and it's a flashback to my indoor recess games in the 7th grade. this is out now. get it.


still not much about this. looks like a win for sony fans. shooting lightning is cool. just not as cool as fire swords and shooting bees. coming "sometime" in 2009.

Chrono Trigger DS

Chrono Trigger was one of the best RPGs ever made. period. if you don't think so, you're wrong. cool. now that we have that out of the way, CT is coming out in a few weeks. i have the PS1 version bundled with final fantasy 4 (my favorite RPG of all time) but i haven't played it in a while. i might be not being able to plop down in front of my 27" and grind like i used to. it also might be that max has had my copy for a while now. either way, this will be a moot point when this comes out on the DS next month. RPGs are a very good fit on the DS. with it's awesome battery life (i've charged mine a fucking year!) and install base, square should be porting every FF and RPG that they have ever made to the DS. and yes, that means super mario RPG.

Chrono Trigger DS comes out next month.

Killzone 2

sure. we've all heard the jokes. but now that we're seeing more of the FPS that sony has all their money on, people are starting to back off their punchlines. alittle. kind of like what joe lieberman is doing now. it looks insane! hopefully, i can get into the beta soon and tell you more. until then, start eating your crow now. just in case.....

Killzone 2 is out (hopefully) in February.


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