Saturday, November 29, 2008

In Deck 11/27: turkeyed out and off work edition

another thanksgiving over. another couple days off work. days off work equal games getting played. hope you got some good food in your mouth holes and some good gaming in between eating, hanging out with relatives and passing out after eating too much stuffing. with x-mas coming quick and a few more games coming soon, i've got my plate full with some great games. and let's start.....


with skate 2 coming really soon, i figured i'd better dust the game off and bone up on my 360 kickflips. at this point, i've gotten to a point were i'm faced with alot of challenges i can't, for the life of me, pass. so, i've taken to making videos and taking photos of cool poses (see photo) and whatnot. you can check them out here. i still ok, but just like in real life, bailing ten times in a row trying to grind a huge rail in old town got me almost throwing my dualshock. so, i went back to the standard time killer in my house.....

Fallout 3

never saw that coming, did you? i've been working through the main storyline, but once it started felling like i was going forward too fast, i veered off the main path and started going toward the areas of the map i hadn't been to. alot of crazy wildlife out in the wastelands. i've finally found the shishkabob, or better said, the flame sword, the Lincoln Repeater and the dart gun. the dart gun cripples the target on each hit. makes it fairly easy to get away from the Deathclaws. at this point, Deathclaws are the hardest enemies i've found so far. so i, as a smart gamer, go right into the Deathclaw sanctuary. word on the street is that there is a big fucking gun, not unlike the......big fucking gun in doom, somewhere inside. at last play, i've almost been killed in there. i'm going to try to run though it without getting killed tonight. if you don't have this game.....what the fuck is wrong with you? really. tell me. i want to know.......


i jumped back in to warhawk as my "race to trophy level 5" campaign. i reallized that i'm pretty rusty. flying and dogfighting landed me shot the fuck down. i decided to play my favorite multiplayer variant, capture the flag. i managed to get the "hitlist" trophy for killing everyone on the other team at least once. what can i say, Proximity Mines are awesome when you know how to use them. after 45 minutes, i jumped out to play another trophy heavy game......

Burnout Paradise

again, after re-acquainting myself with driving in Paradise, i set out to rock some road rage. i did very poorly in my last outing, so i was primed for mayhem. i finished three after failing once. i took a spin on the railroad tracks and crashed through a billboard. the trophy sound hit and i looked up to see that i had earned the "smash 60 billboards" trophy. it's a gold and it put me over the top. i'm at level 5.

why do i care about my trophy level? because it sounds like sony is going to tie your trophy level with money in home, i'm going to use my awesome skill at blowing up cars in GTA4 and my unbelievable luck in racing in wipeout HD to have a bitching pad in my homespace. can't wait to tell people "you like this couch? my talent in killzone 2 paid for it."


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