Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those Darn Kids: Big, Bold, Sassy & Brassy!

Last Tuesday, I started a new segment: Those Darn Kids…, which looks to showcase kids freaking out about video games for whatever reason. Since I started thinking about posting another one today, I’ve decided to designate Tuesdays as “Those Darn Kids” days, where I’ll post a video or two every week of youthful bad, spazzy, or mad behavior inspired by gaming until I can’t find anymore clips, or I drive the few readers we have insane. And what the hell, today I’ll post two of ‘em.

This first one is a kid flipping the hell out once he gets a rare Pokemon card. Calm down little guy! Your maniacal laughter is scaring me!

Rounding out today’s installment is our second clip, this one featuring a road trip turned hell ride. It involves a youngster going ballistic at his DS during what must be a long drive to grandma’s:

Believe me when I say Maureen and I are not in any hurry to have kids! Those Darn Kid brats will be back next Tuesday!


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